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When’s the last time you purchased something online without reading reviews about the item you were buying?

I’m a “black belt” Amazon shopper. I like shopping on Amazon partly because I can read reviews on the item that I’m planning to buy before I actually buy it.

And I read reviews on EVERYTHING I buy before buying it.

Veterinary services are no different.

Reviews can be the lifeblood of your business when it comes to getting new furry clients and their ‘parents’ through your doors. Realistically speaking, you should have a way to automatically ‘collect’ reviews from your current clients built into your digital marketing strategy.

Just like visiting a doctor’s office, your potential clients want to feel like they know what to expect when visiting their pet’s doctor. Reading reviews can give those clients a ‘heads up’ as to what they should expect upon visiting your clinic.

What has the experience of others been?

What’s your staff like?

Is the primary Vet the kind and caring personality that I want for my dog/cat/iguana?

You get my point.

Now you’re probably thinking “Great. How on Earth do I get these reviews?”

It’s actually much easier to do than it sounds, and in our experience, it can be fun too!

Getting reviews for your business is as easy as (get this) ASKING for it!

You can ask via email, direct mail, phone call, etc. There are many ways to get those coveted reviews for your veterinary business, one of which is to create a ‘reviews’ form for your website, and add a “How did you like our service?” link to that page to your outgoing email signature.

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Collecting reviews for your business doesn’t only let potential clients know how your current clients like your service, but it also lets you know how you’re doing in the eyes of those clients, and that’s extremely valuable.

Deciding how you’re going to get those reviews should be at the top of your digital marketing plan for your veterinary business.

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