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Each of the marketing ideas and services on this list requires careful planning before putting them into practice.

Before you start implementing any of the following ideas, it’s a good idea to take another look at your business plan. Taking stock of what marketing tools have worked in the past will help you realize new goals that will grow your business into the future.

When you present tactics to your board, you’ll be prepared to talk about what has worked in the past. Doing it this way helps avoid repeating the same mistakes. You’ll be more likely to achieve results from the strategies that you choose.

Show Off Your Staff to Clients

Even if your doctors went to the best veterinary schools, new clients will want to know about the staff members that will be caring for their pets. You can show off your staff to clients in a number of ways. Hang pictures of staff meetings on the walls, and put these on your website. Receptionists and technicians are the people that clients interact with the most, so make sure they have everything they need to help them communicate effectively.

Create Community Gatherings

In order to attract members of your neighborhood, you should be creating fun events that they can attend. During the summer, you could plan a barbeque, and invite people to bring their pets. During the chilly months, you could have a bonfire, and serve warm treats to any guests who bring their pets.

Industry-Specific Search Engine Optimization

When you own a veterinary practice that caters to a specific type of animal, you should make sure that you’re attracting the right clients to your business. Even if your sign says that your practice specializes in “exotic pets”, you’ll need something better to attract people who benefit from your services.

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All types of veterinary practices should have a strong search engine optimization (SEO) plan to get new customers through online inquiries. But this is especially important for niche veterinarians. If your practice specializes in a specific type of veterinary medicine, you need to create content for your website that dissects that niche. The content you create should include relevant keywords that will attract the customers you’re looking to find.

Veterinary Medicine Content Creation

Creating relevant content for your veterinary practice blog/website is important because it’s how search engines will bring customers to your business. People type their inquiries into a search engine to solve their problems. They might only want to see an article that answers a question they have about their pet, but this is your opportunity to introduce your business to new clients.

For example, a pet owner might search for “types of foods to avoid feeding dogs”. Since you wrote an article about this topic, your page will show on their search results. If you used the right keywords in the article and metadata, your page might rank higher than other businesses. Who do you think that potential client will call to help with the surgery? If they’re reading your article, they’re more likely to contact your practice for help.

In addition to using topic-related keywords in your articles, you should be including location-based keywords as well. Location-based keywords will help attract clients that live near your business location.

Offer a Vaccine Clinic, or Spay, and Neuter Clinic

Offering a regular clinic for pet owners of the community will draw attention to your cause AND your business. Members of the community should receive a discount on specific days when the clinic is offered.

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Create a Vehicle for Education

In addition to providing books and other resources in your office’s lobby, you might try providing an actual venue for educating people in the community…like a library or a coffee shop. Veterinarians could use the lobby as a meeting place to talk to potential clients about topics that impact their services.

Offer Other Services to Clients

Even though it’s important to focus the bulk of your marketing efforts on positioning your practice as a source for veterinary assistance in your community, there are lots of reasons to offer other services. When you offer grooming, boarding, bathing, dental examinations, and other services for owners to buy for their pets, you are casting a wider net into the community.

Be clear about the services you’re offering in addition to veterinary services. You don’t want to confuse people.

In addition to the clients who expect to find these additional services at your clinic, other pet owners will come to your business just because you offer one of the services mentioned above. For example, a dog owner might bring their dog to have its nails clipped. When it comes time to schedule an exam, that person is more likely to visit your facilities. By providing additional services to the community, you‘re providing an opportunity for people to get to know your staff.




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