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My name is Debbie Burgin, and I’m the Creator and CEO at CLICK Veterinarian Marketing.

I’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2009. In that time, I’ve built and created marketing strategies for businesses of many types. I’ve also watched the puzzling changes to marketing vehicles like search engine algorithms and social media, and have rolled with every one of them.

Digital marketing is a peculiar animal. Every business requires something different in order to be successful at it.

So, about 2 years ago, I decided that I no longer was happy servicing businesses of every imaginable type. I wanted to specialize in creating marketing strategies for one type of business. Deciding what kind of business that would be wasn’t all that difficult. I decided on Veterinarians partly out of my love for animals, but specifically my love for my German Shepherd, who graced my family for 13 years.

Many people create businesses out of a love for their pets; some start pet food companies, others create services for pets and pet lovers. I chose to use my marketing skills to help those who were so good to my pet (and myself), especially when we needed them most.

CLICK Veterinarian Marketing was created to help Veterinarians utilize the web to grow their client base, and we’re happy to service clients in Canada and the US.

In addition, we won’t work with two Veterinarians in the same city. I don’t believe in competing against myself, nor would I do that to your company. Regardless of which State or Province your business is in, rest assured, if you’re our client, you’re the ONLY client we service in your area.

So if you’d like to start seeing awesome results from your marketing efforts, click here to tell us a little about yourself and your company. Someone from the CLICK Team will get in touch shortly after.

I look forward to hearing from you!